Christopher Pouget's Biography

Driven by his passion to create a better shot than the last, Christopher Pouget was born with an eye for photography and a heart for adventure.   Chris explores our world for breathtaking images that evoke wonder and magic in the eye of the beholder. The thrill of the ride always takes him to the most incredible locations that the West Coast has to offer.  With a seemingly endless amount of energy, he shoots at any hour of the day and in any location he deems worthy.  Knowing that no shot is impossible, he manages to create photographs that inspire and amaze.   What sets Chris apart from most, is that he never stops moving forward with new ideas and new concepts… Like a surfer on an endless hunt, he is always searching for that proverbial perfect shot.  He takes on people, scenery and wildlife alike, knowing that each photo reflects a different side of who he is and what he can create with a camera.  Pouget's photographs are built like an architect, from the ground up.  What looks like a quick snap of the camera, usually takes much planning and perfect execution. His clearest vision is always well established long before the photos ever appear on a computer screen.  With that sense of commitment and integrity, he moulds every bit of light into a vehicle that drives recklessly through character and composition until the moment is completely right and ready to be captured forever.  Whether it's crystallizing a moment of two people in love, hiking through the rainforest to capture a yoga pose amongst the giants, hanging off the side of a helicopter tasked as an eye in the sky, waiting late at night on a beach to catch the instance when the sky and earth become one, or battling the surf for that perfect shot of a beautiful barreling wave, he does it all to take the viewer to places unknown by most and dreamed of by the rest.