2011.12.02 18:30:59
Tim May
You can find out more about Red Can Gourmet at www.redcangourmet.com

Red Can Gourmet

Moments ago while bringing my recycling into my garage I was struck by the stack of eleven empty pizza boxes sitting in the corner. Aside from reminding me that I may in fact eat too much pizza (if there is such a thing) it inspired me to make this post with an image of Tim that I took months ago. Tim's operation has become a regular part of my diet. My first introduction to his cuisine was at Roy Henry Vickers Anniversary party. In my line of work I am often in the presence h'orderves and this particular night was some of the best I have ever had. Aside from the incredible flavour and texture combinations his team of chefs dressed in whites says that this guy truly means business. Thank-you Tim for rekindling my love of Italian food.

2011.11.24 10:31:34
Paul Horscroft

Fast Toys on an Island Playgound

Aside from the first day on my sport bike this ride with Paul across island was the most fun one could possible endure on two wheels. This image actually marks the first day Paul is riding his fancy new bike and it was one spectacularly dry and gorgeous fall day to do so. He is the only person I know to hold a degree in surf science. This is really a win/win if you have parents that expect an education and you love surfing. He is now the general manager of Crystal Cove Resort here in Tofino and just like me awaiting dry roads so we can once again ride.

2011.11.16 07:50:19

Tofino Family Robinson

Robinson and his family unit live in a cabin on a small island in Clayoquot Sound. It is said that on this small island there is a tree house. A tree house dreamed up and built by the hands of Robinson himself. He is a builder that is equally as much an artist. While his work is strong and functional it always seems to have the most elegant twist making each one of his pieces original art. He is also the kind of guy who would offer his help to move a grand piano into your house. Oddly enough most of my friends were busy that day... Thanks again for that Robinson.

2011.11.13 15:53:06
Tony Heild

The Incinerators

The first time I met Tony was on his boat. I was hitching a ride to Vargas Island along with 12 large pizzas destined for my friends stag and he was gracious enough to take me along. Tony is the proud owner of Tony's Pizza and is the man behind our local motorcycle club The Incinerators. Our Tuesday night meets bring people and bikes of all sorts that share one love. Riding on two wheels... and I guess pizza too. Tony's natural stoked for life attitude has created many new friendships and fantastic rides. We thank you for that.

2011.07.12 23:25:53
Jeff Baylard

A Ducati and a Friend

A little better than a month ago I was cruising around on my vintage Honda doing blog post photos when I met Jeff and his shiny black Ducati. Within minutes of meeting him I was riding his bike past Combers beach and having the ride of my life. When I returned I sarcastically said, "you HAVE to sell me this!" Turns out he was already seeking out a shiny new red Ducati and to my surprise actually did sell me his bike. We have since become good friends and riding partners. Thank-you Jeff for showing me the way... I love my new bike.

2011.06.27 22:49:11
Monte Clarke

The Man Behind the Mustache

Monte is a fixture at Storm Surf Shop. When I got back into surfing I purchased a Wayne Lynch 6' - 6" egg that was for a short time part of his quiver. I still surf that board from time to time and I think to myself... why would anyone not want this? Maybe a mustache changes a man. I've tried several times to sport a stache. I can never make it past the five minute mark as I can't even look at myself in the mirror. A mustache is a commitment. Monte, you are one of few that can rock a stache like you do. Nice one.

2011.06.27 22:47:27
Morgan Callison
You can find more at www.greensoulorganics.com

Green Soul Goodness

Morgan is a bringer of organic goodness to the people of our community. She runs Green Soul Organics located downtown Tofino and is a great supporter of many things local. I'm always amazed at the vast variety of things a small shop like hers can accommodate on it's shelves. Just about anything you could be looking for is available to you and it's organic! Thank-you Morgan for bringing the organic goodness. Best of luck.

2011.06.27 22:45:26
Hannah Stevenson

Pacific Surf

Hannah and I share a driveway so I have the pleasure of seeing her quite often. She is manager and one of the surf instructor crew for Pacific Surf School located in downtown Tofino. She is also the proud owner of the greatest pair of red onezies I have seen to date. My offer of eight dollars still stands on that Hannah. Besides, I still think they're too big on you...

2011.06.27 22:43:07

Love Craft

Cory and his partner own and operate Love Craft located in downtown Tofino. This is a great place to grab a coffee and and take in or take home some beautiful and unique hand made creations from our local talent here on the coast. Cory is also a talented man in the textile world. He recently refitted a white leather seat top on a motorcycle for a fiend of mine... man does it look good. He also did me the gracious favour of measuring me up for my new motorcycle jacket. Thanks again for that Cory. You saved me a long trip to try it on.

2011.06.17 11:39:33
Jen Stevens

Jen Turns 27?

Today is Jen's birthday. I think she turns 27 today? She is another one of those key players in the nurturing of my career as a professional photographer. I certainly owe her a great deal of gratitude for the help she has given me in both my professional and personal world alike. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters, manager of the Eagle Aerie Gallery in downtown Tofino and also a large part of the operations with her husbands whale watching charters. Thank you Jen for all your support and Happy Birthday!

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