2011.12.02 18:30:59
Tim May
You can find out more about Red Can Gourmet at www.redcangourmet.com

Red Can Gourmet

Moments ago while bringing my recycling into my garage I was struck by the stack of eleven empty pizza boxes sitting in the corner. Aside from reminding me that I may in fact eat too much pizza (if there is such a thing) it inspired me to make this post with an image of Tim that I took months ago. Tim's operation has become a regular part of my diet. My first introduction to his cuisine was at Roy Henry Vickers Anniversary party. In my line of work I am often in the presence h'orderves and this particular night was some of the best I have ever had. Aside from the incredible flavour and texture combinations his team of chefs dressed in whites says that this guy truly means business. Thank-you Tim for rekindling my love of Italian food.

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