2011.06.11 16:09:58
Jan Janzen

Jan The Man

Jan is a legend here on the coast and an artist in the truest sense. He is most known for his remarkable talent to construct buildings and structures from driftwood and reclaimed lumber but he is also a brilliant writer. He has recently published a book called "rumours..." It's a collection of short writings and poems by Jan and a must read. You can find his book and see his beautiful creations scattered all over our little coastal town. You'll know when you see one of his works as they are unmistakeably Jan.

2011.06.09 23:30:58
Therese Bouchard
Therese can be reached for an appointment at: 250.725.4278

The Balance

Therese is the kind of person we need in our lives as much as possible. Her very presence seems to make me feel inspired and balanced. She is a healer; hypnotherapy and massage are just some of the services she offers and her treatment room is is something you could only expect to find in a classic fairytale. The forest literally grows right in and around you while all the while you are next to a roaring warm fire. Thank you Therese for exuding the balance.

2011.06.07 21:38:37
Josie Osbourne
You can find out more about RES at: www.raincoasteducation.org

Raincoast Education

Josie is a biologist and heads up the Raincoast Education Society here on the coast. The mandate is to educate people on the beauty and environmental importance of Clayoquot/Barkley Sound and how they effect the rest of our planet. I think she really loves her job. She has a collection of dead things for research purposes which seemed to be the obvious choice in putting together this shot. She also informs me that labeling ice cream hidden in her freezer as a biological experiment is the most effective way to keep her partner away from it. Sorry George, no ice cream for you. Thank you Josie for teaching us the values of our coastline.

2011.06.06 09:31:30
Linda Baril
Linda can be reached for an appointment at: 250.726.5300

Happy Feet, Happy Body

The greatest personal benefit I have found in doing this blog project is the individuals I meet and the stories that connect them to our community. Two days ago I was introduced to Linda. She is a bright and vibrant woman that has raised all of her children here on the coast. She has just opened a new reflexology clinic located above Live To Surf. This is a welcoming addition to the plethora of wonderful health and lifestyle enriching options we have to explore here in our little coastal town. I look forward to working with you Linda. Good luck on your new venture!

2011.06.05 08:56:41
Andrew Waddell

Play it Safe

Andrew, his wife and his two children have moved here from Kelowna to live up the west coast lifestyle. He is a surfer, cyclist, health conscious family man and has been a dedicated officer for 25 years. Over the few conversations I have had with Andrew I can gather this: He is a very nice and good mannered man with one main motive. He wants people to be safe. Plain and simple.

2011.06.03 05:44:51
Claire McDonald

A Life Saver

Claire is a close friend of mine and the most dedicated person I know. Her full time job is marketing planner at the Wickaninnish Inn. In addition, she is the green committee leader, heads up the Surfrider Foundation here on the coast, is just finishing her licensing to be a paramedic and as you can see; she is a volunteer fire fighter. She is also said to be the queen of spreadsheets. It's comforting to know that if something were to happen someone like Claire would be there to help. Thank you Claire for being there.

2011.06.01 06:47:32
David Floody

Vintage Hondas

It was a beautiful sunny morning so David and I thought we would ride our bikes out to Grice Bay to take this photo. This is a man I can get along with. He shares the same appreciation for vintage Hondas as I do. I think he actually prefers the two wheel method of travel, I've only ever seen him on a motorcycle or peddling a bike now that I think about it. He also has the perfect job for living in a house at the edge of the world. He is an author and from what I can gather, quite a good one. That said David, I'll have to get one of your books from you.

2011.05.30 10:19:04
DJ G-Rant, Grant Traviss

G - Rant

Grant is my neighbour and one of my closest friends. I was for the most part unfamiliar with the world of electronic, dub, house and trance until I met him but he has shown me the way. He lives for new tracks and remixing old ones to make them his own and is always dropping new cd's my way for my truck. He is also the most well traveled person I know and seems to have an endless stream of the most unbelievable stories I have ever heard... every story more unbelievable than the next. Keep an eye out for S.P.D.M posters to hear Grant's talent first hand as he is throwing regular shows and parties throughout the year.

2011.05.29 07:08:36
Happy Birthday Charles

Happy Birthday Charles

Today is Charles birthday so it's the perfect time to rope him into my blog. We are standing on Tonquin Beach where he grew up. His father literally built the road to this place and that house in the background came promptly after that... what an amazing playground to grow up with. There are a few key players that made my start in photography possible and he is a big one. Thank you Charles for the opportunities and continued community support and Happy Birthday!

2011.05.27 23:47:58
Knits By The Sea
You can find out more about Knits by the Sea at: www.knitsbythesea.com

Knits By The Sea

Ellie is someone that has recently been added to my friend base. She is the owner and operator of Knits By The Sea where if you may have guessed, sells yarn and knitting supplies to all us west coasters. She is also devoted to the practice of yoga and can be seen jogging every morning bright and early catching that golden morning light. The colours in her store are just brilliant and somehow you feel warmer just looking at all that yarn. I guess it's just the potential sweater or hat you could make yourself. The only question is... what colour?

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